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Good luck to my Arzgeberch

The company Loquai-Holzkunst was founded in 1934 by Rudolf Arwed Loquai in the small Erzgebirge town of Augustusburg, near the Chemnitz industrial area.

He soon became a popular supplier of commercial graphics, carved signposts and company signs for many Erzgebirge wood and toy companies. As early as 1936, due to the high demand from all over Germany, he organized a mail order business, which soon became the largest branch of the young company.

The first expansion of the business took place in 1938 with the purchase of a carpentry shop. In keeping with the stormy business development, the workshop was modernly furnished and equipped with modern tools and machines, and regional partners were also involved.

This development was abruptly interrupted by the Second World War and the local business was lost. Nevertheless, Rudolf Arwed Loquai remained true to his passion and, after several stops in the Palatinate, found a new private and entrepreneurial home in Pöttmes, the company's current location, a former Hofwirt property. Despite various difficulties, some modifications were made and the foundation stone for today's company was laid. The production of precious wood toys and gift boxes now experienced an unexpected upswing.

On November 18, 1967, the founder Rudolf Arwed Loquai died and the eldest son, Andreas, took over the areas of sample production, sales and customer service. The youngest son, Albrecht, joined the company and took over production. The youngest daughter, Christina, was given power of attorney and from then on was responsible for shipping at home and abroad.

The company flourished in the 1960s and 1970s with a new product range and business development again required sustained investments in structural and mechanical expansions. Production still follows the Erzgebirge tradition. Since 1955, all products have been made from natural precious woods and only a small part is colored.

In addition to miniatures, gifts and souvenirs, more and more toys for kindergarten and preschool education have been produced since 1980. Small boxes and boxes make up a large part of the range. These are intended for kindergartens and shops, but also for confectionery and delicatessen.

Since 2010, Horst and Arwed Loquai, the 3rd generation, have been following the family tradition and leading the business successfully into the future. This is how 3 years ago a cooperation with the Erfurt agency covermade came about, from which unique matchbox kits of well-known sights were created, which have since caused a sensation, especially in the tourism industry.

In this sense, “Glückauf my Arzgeberch”